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We are Quenton Thomas and Mark Dockery, the proud owners of HQ22 Creatives. We look forward to sharing our story and hope you enjoy getting to know us better.

We started HQ22 Creatives with a simple goal, to deliver top-quality, creative video content with a client-centered approach to mid-large size businesses. We aim to transform lives by creating high-impact documentaries, promotional videos, commercials, social media campaigns, and event films.

As two passionate filmmakers, we started our business upon graduating from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with degrees in Digital Media Production. Initially, we did all types of video production, from theater plays to Weddings. However, we found our niche in late 2019 during the pandemic helping businesses reach their core audience through creative, informative videos for their clients and customers. At this point, our company took off like a rocket. We fell in love with getting to know each client and their needs, and it also helped us understand where we can be most valued. Today we have worked with hundreds of businesses, from start-ups to large financial firms and medical practices, and we have built relationships with industry leaders.

The best part about what we do is that we get to help excellent organizations tell their story through video and watch their audience grow. We take pride in creating content that keeps viewers engaged and tells a tale or solves a problem. Every business is different and has different creative needs. We absolutely love this.

We aim to find a voice in every organization and bring that to the forefront. If our client wins, we win!

Why we’ve been successful

Our core values of teamwork, creativity, communication, and trust set us apart as individuals. We attribute our success to the fact that we both genuinely love what we do. It is truly our passion, and it shines through our work.

We are firm believers in reaping what we sow and have put in a lot of time to perfect our video production craft, from creating scripts to post-production editing. Taking a leap of faith to start HQ22 Creatives was challenging initially; we needed to figure out where the next job would come from. Fast forward to today to see that we have won awards and that our clients love the work we have done for them. It is most satisfying to understand that the seeds we planted back in film school are coming to blossom.

During our downtime

When we are not at work, I love restoring old things, and Mark is a big-time movie buff.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our video production expertise, we invite you to get in touch. We follow a unique and creative approach to the Video Production process from concept to delivering the final polished video. Please feel free to call us at (313) 465-4459 or email us at


Quenton and Mark